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actually ima make a better one

2007-12-06 05:36:15 by filipus1000

That one was sucky, im gonna practice. (what an awfull word)


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2008-02-07 20:48:45

uhh hi,
im just passing by
i thought you deserve more then hate spam

filipus1000 responds:

good way or bad way?


2008-03-17 16:28:33

we do not talk like that in this household!


2008-03-17 17:04:23

i just saw somrething funny i am on the REAL anti betty movement too lol

filipus1000 responds:

cool! invite members of your ABM to come, too.


2008-03-17 19:42:35

...........ur gonna make a new what?

(Updated ) filipus1000 responds:

I had this avatar, and it was really lame. so i removed it, and i made another but i am too lazy to put it on :P also, i am lazy to make a new news post...


2008-03-18 21:51:44

ahhhhhhh.........well if u say so......hope to see it sum time