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Mah music is up

2009-05-07 16:15:41 by filipus1000

Go vote 5 ;P
Also it is first in my upcoming series Music by letters or MBL for short. For this one, while making it i shaped notes to make S P A R T A, and added some more.

Tell me which word you want to see up next ;D


you saw the title why bother reading the rest?

to WOOT or not to WOOT?

2008-03-25 12:55:47 by filipus1000

I just got a remake of super mario bros. It's pretty cool, but i can't beat the god darn world 1-3...

Is anyone playing gunbound? i simply love that game! pm me if ya wanna play together sometimes


2008-03-22 08:25:46 by filipus1000

yeah i know that this sounds pathetic BUT I FINALY GOT TO LEVEL 7! WEWT! Anyone want a pie?

That one was sucky, im gonna practice. (what an awfull word)

YAY ME GOT A NEW AVATAR!!!!! Its a bit blurry here on NG but its PERFECTO in flash!I like it, do you?

Soon gonna learn teh fl@sh!!!

2007-11-30 16:34:21 by filipus1000

As i said in title, im gonna learn flash soon! i know the basics, motion tween... i just gotta learn shape tween and chaining tweens so YAY! maybe you're gonna see me on some lists!


2007-11-17 14:43:48 by filipus1000

Dunno why i actually posted this... well i like posting on forums for i get exp. and its fun :P


2007-11-16 08:11:57 by filipus1000

Hiya! 'S been a long time since I last logged on... FEW YEARS! Well, im back, ready to post to get those cool avvies :P

See ya on the forums!